And so it goes….

It would seem today is the day that I begin this blog, an address I acquired some time ago but a practice I have been hesitant to commence. It is the day I learned of the passing of someone only fleetingly in my life: the American author Joe Bageant.

I know nothing of Joe’s world. I am Canadian, female, of Northern European immigrant stock and about 20 years his junior. I have had little exposure to his writing other than what I fell upon one night. But the essays on his blog touched me profoundly. The stories of the underclass, the working poor in America, were authentic and raw. The tone and sentiment of his prose were familiar. It was very much a world I knew, a world I had, in many ways, crawled out of. His prose triggered vestiges held deep within me. I realized it was a world I missed and a lens I still carried with me.

I’m not sure where this blog will lead me (or you) and make no promises today, other than willing myself to begin. The idea of this blog is to write and think freely. Journalism didn’t do it for me. Academia was closer, but even that world isn’t what it used to be. So, I’m going to give this space a shot. I’ll expand on that further in future posts.

Today, I begin with what I hope will be of some use. And I think it is useful to point you to Joe and invite you to ruminate and reflect in his world for a spell.


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