The future of Canadian TV News: Event Promo

Canadian journalist Tim Knight asked me to spread the word about the following event.

I’m posting details here to provide an easier link that I can ‘tweet’.

Next Monday, September 12, The Mark “The People And Ideas Behind The
Headlines” ( plans a four-day discussion on the
future of Canadian TV journalism.

On Thursday evening or Friday morning, Huffington Post Canada repeats
the debate.
Participants will be Kai Nagata, the 24-year-old CTV Quebec bureau
chief whose J-accuse went viral when he quit and wrote a 3,000 word
farewell  because information has become “a commodity”. Nagata
believes TV journalism has lost all aspiration to public service and
isn’t worth saving. Social media and blogs will do a better job.

Also participating is Tim Knight, Emmy and Sigma Delta Chi-award winner who’s worked
for ABC, NBC and PBS, was once producer of CBC’s The National,
Executive Producer of News at CBC, Ottawa, and, for 10 years Executive
Producer, CBC TV Journalism Training. Knight believes TV journalism
has lost its way and is dangerously sick. But, in the interests of the
people’s democratic right to know, must be saved and drastically

1) Monday morning — September 12th: Opening Statements and Tim
Response #1
–  Monday afternoon — Kai Response #1
2) Tuesday morning — September 13th: Tim Response #2
– Tuesday afternoon — Kai response #2
3) Wednesday morning — September 14th: Tim Response #3
– Wednesday afternoon — Kai response #3
4) Thursday, September 15th — Final Statements from each


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