Learning Log – getting back into the swing

I’ve been more than a little bit absent lately from this blog, so I’m going to use the opportunity of a need to generate a ‘learning log’ for a class to revive my activity here. The course is an interesting one that is helping me connect contemporary media and digital practices to the substance of my thesis on journalism education and how journalism faculty learn.  As I’m finished my coursework and comprehensive exam, the course in question was a chance to re-connect with my dissertation phase in the aftermath of becoming a full-time administrator. The job is interesting but can be all-consuming and I wanted an equally valid pull to school to keep me from drifting away into the pit of non-completion, which is the core struggle for any doctoral candidate who isn’t pursuing the work in the absence of other obligations. Keeping the material fresh and top of mind is key to remaining engaged, and this course is doing that for me.


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