Researching the teaching of a moving target

One of the challenges in researching journalism education in this day and age is the rapid transformation of the media. New advances in digital media technology (from PCs to mobile smart phones) are creating new ways of sharing factual information, many of which are bypassing the longstanding ‘gatekeeper’ of the traditional journalist. The shifts in technology and in its use aren’t within the control of the professional communicators — the audience will tell the industry what it will look like (if it will exist at all) in the future.

What to teach is what interests me — how professional skills faculty are adapting and how the new realities of practice are penetrating their perceptual bubbles.  What resources are easily accessible to the average practitioner starting to teach professional practice courses for a college or university? Are they still using traditional reporting textbooks (ones that begin with print and work their way through the various platforms until they reach “new media)? How would one go about finding new textbooks?

A straightforward google search of the key words “journalism textbooks” revealed several efforts by professional thought-leaders to generate recommendations by those interested in journalism practice. The top ones in the search showed up in the order below (with one or two omissions of irrelevant hits). My favourite example was the last one:




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