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My Friend Flikr

Job One today was to do a bit of DIY learning on one of the tools mentioned in class — Flikr. I am also attempting to tie my twitter feed account ffi_maija to this blog and to all other social media, connecting it to through my gmail. Done and done.

no telling where the money went

by Adam_T4 Creative Commons license through Flikr

The work made me start to think about privacy/copyright issues and the puzzle of how creative work and mediated content and innovative platforms become controlled or captured by the market economy. I work in a context in which intellectual property is discursively framed as a value to exploit — where applied research tends to be defined narrowly as commercializable research. Hanging out again at the university this semester, I’m aware of the degree to which words like ‘brand’ have entered my lexicon in little over a year. At the university, the conversation shifts to the thinking of the new paradigm in which inquiry and exploratory work benefit from free exchange. It is a much more free and accelerated approach to creativity.

The professional challenge (the “applied” research, if you will) becomes stretching the view to include more of the publishing spectrum as a means to the end of ‘gainful employment’ for these students. I’m doubtful you can breed creativity and innovative thinking in tomorrow’s creative class by keeping the connection from concept to commerce so short and tight in school.


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New Finds / Shifting Practice: Twitter as a net to find international sources

I’m falling down the rabbit hole of Twitter after the Worldviews conference experience and the impact to my media consumption rituals has been dramatic. I’m entering entirely new streams of information and, in an effort to try to organize and curate what I’m coming across, I’m going to occasionally blog “New Finds / Shifting Practice”. These entries will cover journalism practice trends that I don’t really know much about right now but want to learn more.  “New Finds” are posts where I don’t (can’t) offer critique or context.. and I might very well be sniffing into dead ends. Maybe you’ll find them interesting (or, even better, can comment to correct my course).

This morning, I watched Andy Carvin, a senior strategist with National Public Radio, be interviewed by the Center for Sustainable Journalism (@CSJournalism).  Carvin has been engaging deeply in the use of social media, particularly Twitter.

He has been able to capture wide cohorts of potential sources from the revolutionary protest movements in the Middle East, drawing people into dialogue with the West.

“For this type of work Twitter has been most useful for me, simply because it is an ongoing conversation that other people can follow.”  [2:30]

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