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When attitudes are hostile….

…..facts are unconvincing.

I don’t remember where I saw that, but I think the line captures a lot. Ian Brown has a great article in today’s Globe and Mail about the impermeability of conservative ideology to basic facts about crime.

Actually, any newspaper bearing facts like these runs the risk of being told that they are ideologically blind with liberal bias.

These aren’t mushy-wushy interpretive qualitative post-modern facts.. bleeding heart facts.. or even hard to understand facts. These are simple put-em-on-a-graph-and-see-the-line-go-down-facts.  Crime is going down.

And yet, despite these facts, one of our federal political parties in Canada, if we hand them the keys, wants to spend kajillions on an American-style penal policy.  Not only is this arguably more about Tory ideology than a rational spending strategy, there’s a lot of nasty evidence that these spaces in the United States are racist and dehumanizing.

Facts. Who needs ’em.


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